You can’t see it or smell it…

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You can’t see or smell it but wireless technology is now being referred to as the smoking of the 50’s and the asbestos of the 60’s.

There are quite a few countries around the world that are acknowledging that wireless technology (Wi-Fi) is the digital demise of our evolution yet very few people in North America know about this.  It is only when people begin having health issues such as severe headaches, nausea and extreme fatigue that they begin their research and become more aware of how their use of wireless technology may be affecting their health.  People that suffer from severe symptoms to wifi are known to be electromagnetically hypersensitive (EHS).  For these people, their symptoms are so extreme that they become non-functional.  When seeking care from conventional medical practitioners this debilitating illness tends to go misdiagnosed with no definitive results.  

Wi-fi routers emit radiofrequency continuously.  The radiofrequency (RF) can be measured with an It consists of 10 pulses per second, with a sharp pulse rate that sounds like tick tick tick that is extremely radioactive and interrupts our cellular activity ….

Children are our future yet no one is paying attention to the danger of their exposure to wifi.  90% of schools have installed Wi-Fi and teach students through  the use of tablets.  However, last year France removed wifi from schools and nurseries because France pays for healthcare for their citizens.   

Of course we are in a modern world and we have become so dependent upon this technology.  Industry is pushing the wireless technology in everything from modern TV’s with built in Wi-Fi, computers that no longer have the ability to plug in cables, wireless headphones that are currently being advertised to the “Hello Barbie” that speaks with your children, requiring them to push a button on their Barbie and bring her close to their face in order to speak to her.   So how do you become un-wired?  Is very simple.  It is going back to the days when this technology was first launched where we had cables.  It may be a nuisance, however, the RF will be significantly lowered to a safe level .

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