Meet Paula Schofield

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Paula is a Certified Building Biologist Practitioner and a Council Certified Structural Mold Investigator.

Paula holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Toronto; she has an 18- year career in Residential Interior Design & renovation, and began her career as a Realtor in 2003.

In 1993 she began her career as an Interior Designer creating high quality interiors in the San Francisco Bay area.  During that time, working with conventional building materials began to take a toll on her health.  In 2013, she moved into a newer custom build home where she became very ill.  In search of what could be contributing to her illness she came across articles written about Sick Building Syndrome. She reached out to an Expert Home Inspector that had written the articles and he suspected that she was suffering from toxic mold and low dose carbon monoxide poisoning.  This in turn led Paula to hiring a Building Biologist, several Indoor air Consultants and an Expert Toxicologist to test her home.  After learning the results of the home, Paula was referred to as the Canary in the coal mine.

This experience gave her a personal education in how the indoor environment can cause serious health issues.  She was determined to learn all she could to better understand how indoor environments can be more toxic than the outdoor air due to the toxic finishes and materials used in conventional building products and furnishings.

Her own health issues with mold Sensitivity, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) led her to research in finding the International building biology institute.  She began her study as practitioner and she continued her studies to on to become certified as a mold inspector and Environmental Consultant and is currently completing certification as a Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist.  .  

She set out with a mission… To consult and teach ways of creating beautiful, healthy environments that will be a source of well being.

Paula is passionate about sharing her knowledge of healthy indoor environments is motivated by a strong desire to help others suffering as a result of poor indoor air quality from VOC’s, mold, mycotoxin, and EMF and EMR exposures.  By helping people become aware of what actually exists in their homes and the many choices they have, Paula is creating livable, breathable, healthy spaces for adults and children to live, thrive, and heal.

Paula consults with homeowners, builders, architects, and interior designers to help create indoor environments/sanctuaries that support human health.

Paula conducts Home Assessments throughout Southern California Area to determine whether there are indoor environmental issues within client’s homes that may be affecting their family’s health.  Assessments include measurements of indoor air quality testing for VOC’s, molds and mycotoxins, electromagnetic radiation, and evaluations of the elements in the home that may contribute stressors to the indoor living climate.  Among many factors, attention is paid to sources of water intrusion, off-gassing, and harmful electromagnetic frequencies that can lead to potential harmful effects on the body.  Full reporting on findings, recommendations and resources are included to assist residents in prioritizing and making healthy choices.  Healthy Home Assessments can be valuable in real estate considerations, pre-renting situations, baby nursery room planning, investigating questions about possible health risks, and in creating a sleeping sanctuaries.  

~She provides on site assessment services within a 100-mile radius within Southern California and phone consultations throughout US

~She is available for speaking/teaching engagements and writing articles for any media.

~She provides consultations on material selection & specification

~She is available as a Realtor in CA to work with buyers who are either hypersensitive to environmental toxins or just wanting to find a healthy home.   

Qualifications & Training

  • 18 years Residential Interior Design experience
  • Interior Design Certification, The Art Institute of Dallas
  • Realtor in State of California
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto
  • IAQA Indoor Environmental Course, Indoor Sciences
  • Council Certified Structural Mold Investigator, ACAC
  • Building Biology Practitioner Certification, Institute for Building Biology and Ecology
  • Building Biology Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist
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